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    CAS Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Chemistry and Physics
         As a lab carrying out pioneering work on rare earth research and being one of the important bases in the field of rare earth chemistry and physics in China, it was founded in 1987 with the approval of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). The lab was initially named as Open Laboratory of Rare Earth Chemistry and Physics and was changed to the CAS Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Chemistry and Physics in 2002 and to current the CAS Key Laboratory of Rare Earth on Advanced Materials and Valuable Utilization of Resources.
         There currently are 32 faculty in our lab, including two academicians of CAS. Fifteen of our faculty are Ph.D student supervisors. Among these, we have four faculty selected as National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar and seven faculty recruited as òHundred Talentsó scholar.
         Facilities in this lab include spectrofluorometer, FED-PDP spectrophometer, UV-Visible-NIR spectrophotometer, thermal expansion meters, etc.
         Between 1999 and 2005, this lab received a second class Award of Natural Science from CAS and published 842 research papers, among which there are 51 papers published in journals with SCI impact factor larger than 3.0. For patents filed, 52 were granted including 6 international patents. Our staff also authored or coauthored 9 books (chapters).

    Research Directions:
         Rare earth solid state chemistry and physics.
         Material defects and composites, rare earth luminescence and molecular engineering, thin films and interface, material simulation and design, rare earth light alloys, nano coating and microstructure.
         Bioinorganic chemistry and chemical biology of rare earth and related elements.
         Specific recognitions between rare earth compounds and biomolecules, protein expression and nucleic acids chemistry,high throughout drug screening and drug mechanisms, modulation of biomolecular conformation and function.
         Rare earth separation chemistry.
         Clean techniques for rare earth separation, chemical and environmental issues of rare earth separation, integration of separation and preparation of rare earth.

    Main Research Fields:
         Rare Earth Luminescent Materials
         Research and Application of Mg-RE Alloys
         Thermal Barrier Coating Materials for Gas Turbine
         Low Temperature Battery Cathode Material
         Bioinorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology of Rare Earth and Related Elements
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