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    Polymer Engineering Laboratory
        Polymer Engineering Laboratory was founded in 2000, focusing on process chemistry and engineering of polyimides, carbon dioxide-based copolymer plastics, high performance polydiene rubber, and conducting polymers. Researchers for high value added polymer materials and composites in former Agriculture Chemistry Laboratory joined this lab in 2005. Currently, based on the progress of fundamental research, the lab is targeting at industrialization of the above polymers to satisfy the impending needs of sustainable development for national economy as well as for the creation of innovation country.
         The lab has 73 members, including 13 professors, 15 associate professors and senior engineers. After several years of construction, the lab has many advanced instruments well suitable for polymer material engineering study,including Instron AFM, STM, Xenon weatherometer, and equipment for rubber and plastic processing.
         During the past 5 years, the lab has published 219 papers, and received 3 second prizes of Science Advancement of Jilin Province. Moreover, many contributions have been made in commercialization of high-tech and cooperation with local enterprises.

    Research Directions:
         Environmental friendly polymers.
         Carbon dioxide-based plastics, conducting polymers, processing of biodegradable materials,polysaccharides.
         High performance engineering plastics.
         Polyimides, asymmetric synthesis, separation membrane materials.
         Synthetic rubbers and polyolefins.
         High performance polydiene rubbers, polyolefin composites.
         Water soluble polymers.
         Polymer for waste water treatment application, high water absorbing resins. Polymer
         Multi-layered polymer composites, ABS resins.

    Main Research Fields:
         Fixation of Carbon Dioxide into Biodegradable Plastics
         Research and Application of Natural Polymers and Poly(lactic acid)
         High Performance Polydiene Rubber and Polyolefin Structural Materials
         High Performance Polymer Membrane Materials
         Synthesis and Application of Water Soluble Polymers
         Design, Processing and Application of Polymer Multilayer Composites
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