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    Green Chemistry and Process Laboratory
        The establishment of the Green Chemistry and Process Laboratory is based of the earlier Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Catalysis Laboratory and Structural Chemistry Laboratory. The research works focus on the green chemical process that is used in the commercial process. The lab has 20 staff, including 6 professors. Since 2000, the lab has obtained many research achievements, including 4 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 1 third prize from Jilin Province. 162 papers have been published in international journals, including 12 papers published in journals with IF larger than 3.

    Research Directions:
         Application of mass spectrometry.
         Medicinal mass spectrometry, biological mass spectrometry.
         Traditional chinese medicine chemistry.
         Standard quality control of traditional chinese medicine, research on separation and analysis method in the complex system of traditional chinese medicine, new drug research and development, research on active mechanism and matter basis of traditional chinese medicine.
         Fuel cell.
         H2/O2 fuel cell, direct alcohol fuel cell (DAFC), bio-electrochemistry.
         Gas Sensor.
         Electro-catalysis and material, solid electrolyte, biosensor.
         Environmental catalysis.
         Selective catalytic oxydation, acid catalysis, NOX selective catalytic reduction and direct decomposition.
    Main Research Fields:
         Research on the Basic Problems of Toxic Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Process of Preparation and Combination by Mass Spectrometric Technique
         Mass Spectrometry Analysis Platform: for the Research of Standard Components in Chinese Medicine; Bioactive-scaning, Preparation and Combination of Herb Mmedicines
         Development of Key Components for Semisolid State Oxyger Sensor and Solid State Phosgene Sensor
         The Research and Manufacture of Fuel Cells
         Rare Earth Catalyst for Exhaust Gas
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