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    Single-Molecule Nanocatalysis Shows In Situ Deactivation of Pt/C Electrocatalysts during the Hydrogen-Oxidation Reaction
    Update time: 2016-11-24
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    By coupling a Pt-catalyzed fluorogenic reaction with the Pt-electrocatalyzed hydrogen-oxidation reaction (HOR), CIAC research group led by Prof. XU Weilin combine single-molecule fluorescence microscopy with traditional electrochemical methods to study the real-time deactivation kinetics of a Pt/C electrocatalyst at single-particle level during electrocatalytic hydrogen-oxidation reaction. The decay of the catalytic performance of Pt/C could be mainly attributed to the electrocatalysis-induced etching or dissolution of Pt nanoparticles. They also observed spontaneous regeneration of activity and incubation period of the Pt electrocatalyst at single-particle level. The researchers believed that all these new insights are practically useful for the understanding and rational design of highly efficient electrocatalysts for application in fuel cells.

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