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    CIAC Research Receives Awards from the Jilin Province
    CIAC Research Receives Awards from the Jilin Province    2016-11-24

      According to the recent news released by the Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, three research results of the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry won the First-Class S&T Awards of Jilin Province.
      Studies led by Prof. REN Jinsong and Prof. JIANG Shichun won Natural Science Awards (1st Class) respectively. Prof. Li Chengyu won a Techno...
    CIAC & Chinalco Signs Strategic Cooperation
    CIAC & Chinalco Signs Strategic Cooperation    2016-08-10

      Recently, CIAC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Rare Earth Co., Ltd, one of the Chinalcd business segments at Beijing. On the ceremony, Dr. An Lijia, Director of CIAC and Ding Haiyan, President of China Rare Earth signed their names on the documents which agreed on the establishment of Chinalo & CIAC Research Institute of REs Materials.
    Cyclic Antimony Complexes Take Aromaticity to a New Level
    Cyclic Antimony Complexes Take Aromaticity to a New Level    2016-05-06

      Compounds containing an all-metal antiaromatic ring isolated for the first time
      An international research team has prepared a set of lanthanide antimony clusters that represent the first isolable compounds containing an all-metal antiaromatic ring. The achievement continues to expand the concept of aromaticity beyond its humble beginnings 150 years ago.
    China Launches SJ-10 Retrievable Space Science Probe
    China Launches SJ-10 Retrievable Space Science Probe    2016-04-11
    China put into space a retrievable scientific research satellite in the early hours of Wednesday in a fresh bid to aid scientists back on Earth in studying microgravity and space life science.
      In a cloud of brown smoke, the satellite, SJ-10, roared into the air on the back of a Long March 2-D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China...
    Dr. AN Lijia Elected CAS Academician
    Dr. AN Lijia Elected CAS Academician    2016-01-21

      Dr. AN Lijia was elected CAS Academician in the field of Chemistry on December 7, 2015. In the past three years, 3 CIAC scientists were honored CAS membership, the other two, being ZHANG Hongjie and YANG Xiurong, are also prestigious chemists in their respective research fields. Currently, there are 7 CAS Fellow on the faculty of CIAC, and 21 used to work or s...
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