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    Int’l Cooperation News
    International Symposium on Polymer Chemistry Held at CIAC 2016-09-20
    ISRERU-4 & ISFM-7 Held in Changchun 2016-09-20
    Prof. Leaf Huang Visits CIAC 2016-05-06
    Prof. Janez Plavec Visits CIAC 2016-04-26
    Thoshihiro Akaike Gives a Lecture at CIAC 2015-06-09
    Prof. Sanping Jiang Gives a Lecture at CIAC 2015-06-02
    Prof. Günter Reiter Gives a lecture at CIAC 2015-03-27
    Prof. Wybren Jan Buma Visits CIAC 2014-10-23
    Takanori Shima Talks at the CIAC 2014-10-23
    Prof. Thomas Thurn-Albrecht Gives a Lecture at CIAC 2014-06-22
    ICL Delegation Visit the CIAC 2014-06-16
    Scientist from University of Konstanz Lectures on Polymerization 2014-06-13
    Dutch Polymer Institute Professor Teaches Short Course on Scattering Methods 2014-05-27
    Temasek Seek Cooperation with the CIAC 2014-04-22
    Advanced Materials Symposium: exchange and dialogue on “Published or Perished” 2014-04-09
    Yann Sarazin Gives a Lecture at the CIAC 2013-12-10
    Professor Tells the Secrets to Getting Published 2012-06-01
    Prof. Ann-Christine Albertsson Gives a Lecture at the CIAC 2012-06-01
    Prof. Harald Pasch Gives a Presentation at the CIAC 2012-04-01
    Korean Scientists Visit the CIAC 2012-04-01
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