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    Fundamentals & Practical Applications of Solid-state NMR
    Author: english.ciac.cas.cn
    Update time: 2017-03-17
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    Dr. Victor Litvinov

    (DSM Resolve, the Netherlands)

       Dr. Victor Litvinov is a senior scientist at the DSM Resolve the Netherlands. He is one of the world leading scientists in the field of low field NMR techniques applied to stay dynamic properties of polymers. More than 100 papers in per-reviewed journals (h-index of 25) and seven chapters in books on applications of solid state NMR in material research were published. A book “Spectroscopy of Rubbery Materials” (RAPRA Technology, UK) was edited. Six patents were filed. Many invited lectures were delivered around the world. Over the last decade more than ten PhD students and Posdoc’s were supervised. 

    21-March-2017 (Tuesday) 18:30-21:30

    (Education Building Rm. 5040)

    1.        Basic principles of NMR.

    1.1. Short history

    1.2. Nuclei spins and magnetic field

    1.3. Pulse NMR and relaxation experiments

    1.4. Molecular motions and relaxation

    1.5. Wide-line NMR

    22-March-2017 (Wednesday) 13:30-16:30

    (Education Building Rm. 5040)

    2.        NMR spectroscopy of solutions and solids.

    2.1.  Short history

    2.2.  Fourier transformation

    2.3. Solution-state NMR

    2.3.1. Chemical shifts

    2.3.2.  Spin-spin couplings

    2.4. Solid-state NMR

    2.4.1. NMR of single crystals

    2.4.2. High-resolution solid-state NMR Magic angle spinning Cross-polarization Dipolar decoupling 

    22-March-2017 (Wednesday) 18:30-21:30

    (Education Building Rm. 5040)

    3.        Applications of solid-state NMR (Part I)

    3.1. Molecular motions and NMR relaxation

    3.2. Polymer networks

    3.3. Rubbers and fillers

    3.4. Semi-crystalline polymers

    23-March-2017 (Thursday) 13:30-16:30

    (Education Building Rm. 5040)

    3.        Applications of solid-state NMR (Part II)

    3.5. Chemical origin of physical phases

    3.6. Thickening of resins

    3.7.  MRI. Short history and a few examples

    3.8. Deformation of polymers

    23-March-2017 (Thursday) 18:30-21:30

    (Education Building Rm. 5040)

    3.9.  Water in polymers

    3.10.  Polymers for bio-medical applications

    3.10.1. Miscibility of drugs with carrier

    3.10.2. Degradation of polymer

    3.10.3. Drug diffusion in hydrogels

    Discussion and Examination

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